Refusing to fall asleep

A special procedure for children who can't fall asleep

If you have encountered a stubborn child who refuses to fall asleep or any patients have come to you with such a phenomenon, this article was written for you!!

The conscious solution to the problem of falling asleep:

What are the reasons for the phenomenon of children not being able to fall asleep?

The main reason why children are unable to fall asleep stems from their fears. The most common fear is the fear of darkness but it’s not the only one. For the most part, it is related to kidney, pericardium, or heart energy.

Which children are more prone to the phenomenon?

Mainly children at times of crisis, children who experience changes that have been forced on them, such as moving house, their parent’s divorce, or any other crisis that affects the flow of energy in the meridians involved, depending on the extent of the crisis – there will be a response to it.

What solution does Dimensions Therapy have for children who can’t fall asleep?

When the phenomenon repeats itself, it needs in-depth thorough treatment by Dimensions Therapy.

If the phenomenon is intermittent, you can use a quick method to soothe the baby and coax them to sleep.

So what procedure will help your child fall asleep?

Follow a quick procedure to sooth the baby and coax them to sleep:

  1. Place your thumb pads on the number 1 kidney spot on both feet of the baby.
  2. Wait until you feel the pulse at these points.
  3. Wait until the pulse on both feet are in sync – hold it for a minute.
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