Mental Noise

An exercise for silencing mental noise

Dear Therapist,

If you have encountered a patient who suffers from the following symptoms: thought loops, an exhausted body, sitting passively to the point of inactivity due to thoughts, fatigue, and the inability to stop the thoughts – it is possible that your patient suffers from mental noise!

Mental noise is the phenomenon in which the human brain produces thoughts one after the other, with one leading to the next, most of them negative, and there are no gaps of time between them.

And we already know… a lot of negative thoughts leads to a corresponding physiological response.

Due to the inability to stop the flow of thoughts, the main result is the inability of the person to be in touch with himself, and the main consequence is physical fatigue, since producing thoughts requires a lot of life energy.

The person sits and thinks but does nothing. They become passive almost to the point of paralysis, for example, a girl who does not go out on dates because she gets caught up thinking about every single detail.

Patients suffering from disruption of kidney and/or bladder energy will mainly suffer from this. And if, in addition, they have a weak spleen, a troublesome obsessive-compulsive disorder may also form.

So what can we do about it?

We have prepared a special exercise that can silence your mental noise. Through practice, the individual can attain a quiet mental space and the longer they stay in this quiet space and increase the gap of time between one thought and the next, the more their recovery is accelerated.

Note: Westerners don’t close this gap most of the time!

Of course, Dimensions Therapy can break the active cycle of mental noise by deleting the past.

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