Male Fertility

What is happening with male fertility in 2020?

In recent decades, the infertility rate in Western countries has been rising for a multitude of reasons. It’s no longer a secret. It is estimated that more than a third of all couples have serious difficulties conceiving.

From a schematic and simplistic point of view, in order for impregnation to happen, the process that is supposed to take place includes the following:

First, the woman’s body secretes several types of hormones, each one at a different time. These hormones cause one of the eggs in the ovaries to mature and be released into the fallopian tube.

At this point, a sufficient amount of sperm cells (tens of millions of sperm cells) capable of moving upwards in the fallopian tube should enter the vagina, where one of them fertilizes the egg.

The fertilized egg reaches the uterus and attaches to the wall of the uterus.

Sounds simple, but it really isn’t. This post actually focuses on the man (the second stage).

Almost half of male infertility cases are related to the man’s sperm weakness.

Decreased sperm production is mainly caused when there is a decrease in the level of testosterone in the blood. Loss of cells in the functional tissue of the testicle is followed by a decrease in testosterone production.

A decrease in testosterone production causes a decrease in sperm cell production.

As we have learned in previous articles, the level of matter is only a reflection of the level of energy and consciousness. Conscious weakening of the testicular information field is a result of feelings of terror and guilt such as after infidelity, betrayal by the spouse, loss of someone close to you/a loved one or the fear of losing someone close to you/a loved one and leads to a weakening of the testicular information field. This weakness reflects a subconscious desire not to have children with that specific spouse or to have children whose lives may, ostensibly, be in danger.

Due to the weakening of the testicular information field, the energy field of the testicle is weakened (and there are other contributing energy factors such as: radiation from mobile devices, which we will not focus on in this article).

Eventually, the testicle itself becomes weaker (and here too, there are other contributing material factors such as: an excess of sugar in the diet, which we will not focus on in this article).

The result: a decrease in testosterone production

A decrease in testosterone production causes a decrease in sperm cell production.

The decrease in sperm production leads to infertility problems.

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Note: The method does not constitute medical or psychological treatment, and does not replace diagnosis, advice, or following the instructions of a qualified physician.

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