Feeling Young

Is it possible to actually be younger?

Today’s modern world allows for a wide variety of surgeries to be performed by qualified plastic surgeons with ‘golden hands’, often resulting in an impressive younger appearance.

Evolving aesthetic medicine does not claim, of course, that the person being operated on will actually feel younger, but only aims to make them look as if they are. Some aesthetic surgeries, predictably, have an impact on the person’s image of their body alongside the results of technically having gone under the surgical knife.

But it looks like the really important issue later in life is: How does it feel to be younger? How do we go back to the vigor, lightness, and loveliness of youth (but of course – with the smartness that comes with chronological age)?

To understand this, we’ll start with the familiar scientific point of view that every material body (which is only one of the person’s many energetic bodies) of every person begins the aging process from the moment they are born into the material world. The difference is that, for each of us, it manifests itself at a different pace – slowly or rapidly.

What is the single cause of biological aging of any organic body?

In her book Toxic Free, Debra Lynn Dadd writes that exposure to toxic chemicals in consumer products that we use every day will soon be recognized as the number one problem in the world today. The material body, she explains, makes a constant effort to maintain a tolerable level of cleanliness that does not kill it, through the cleansing and excretory systems. This refers mainly to the kidneys, liver, and intestines.

However, food is not the only source of toxic buildup (toxemia). If it were just about food, it would be enough to keep foods clean of pesticides and to use pure water. In the Western world, however, about (hold on tight) 80,000 substances are defined as chemicals that are foreign and harmful to the body. Thousands of chemicals are absorbed into the human body every day, also through air and water, and we have not yet mentioned alcohol and stressful situations. In light of all the above, here, we will define aging as a condition in which the organism breaks down a lot of food and fat cells, leaving within it, a (too) large amount of residue and toxins.

In other words:  Aging is the consequence of the amount of residue and toxins found within the human body.

In other words: The more the cells in the body are filled with residue and toxins and the more the body is loaded with old cells, the faster the aging process of the human body material will take place.

It’s a little gloomy especially in the industrialized world in which we live. But wait. There is also a second side to the coin. With aging, rejuvenation of the material body means that our excretory systems will also have to deal with a minimal amount of residue and toxins every day, but will also rapidly eliminate these unwanted substances.

So how do we do this? To understand this, let’s go back to the parentheses that appear above and open them: The material body is just one of the person’s many bodies of energy. This means that every organ in the body, such as the material liver, has an energetic and informative parallel in our refined bodies. The material liver is the hardware and it has operating software in the refined bodies.

Dimensions Therapy (D-THERAPY) focuses on the set of informative and energetic bodies of the human being in order to transform it, with noticeable results: lightness, vigor, vitality and also… a younger appearance, from the inside out.

Dimensions Therapy is a consciousness-energy therapy that is a synergy (a combination) of, among others, psycho-neuro immunology, information theory, quantum physics, ancient Chinese medicine, Taoism, and concealed or revealed wisdom.

Dimensions Therapy does not treat the material body at all, but only the energetic and informative bodies, and therefore it is clear that it does not constitute medical or psychological treatment and does not replace diagnosis, advice, and following the instructions of a qualified physician.

And so patients of this innovative and groundbreaking concept not only look younger, they are also really younger on the physiological scale.

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