Do you also suffer from post-trauma?

פוסט תראומה - טיפול

Do you also suffer from post-trauma? Read this article and you’ll realize that chances are that your answer to the question is: absolutely Question 1 These days, the number of people suffering from anxiety has increased significantly. What, according to the Dimensions Therapy method, are the causes and reasons for this? According to Dimensions Therapy, […]

Refusing to fall asleep

מאמרים אחרונים מסרבים להירדם

If you have encountered a stubborn child who refuses to fall asleep or any patients have come to you with such a phenomenon, this article was written for you!!

The Prolactin Hormone

מאמרים אחרונים הורמון הפרולקטין

Fertility problems and Prolactin treatment – at the level of consciousness according to Dimensions Therapy.

Mental Noise

מאמרים אחרונים רעש מחשבתי

Dear Therapist,
If you have encountered a patient who suffers from the following symptoms: thought loops, an exhausted body,

Feeling Young

מאמרים אחרונים להרגיש צעיר

Today’s modern world allows for a wide variety of surgeries to be performed by qualified plastic surgeons with ‘golden hands’, often resulting in an impressive younger appearance.

Male Fertility

מאמרים אחרונים פוריות הגבר

In recent decades, the infertility rate in Western countries has been rising for a multitude of reasons. It’s no longer a secret. It is estimated that more than a third of all couples have serious difficulties conceiving.