Basic level

Dimensions Therapy Studies

For those who are being exposed to our method for the first time and still do not yet know if they want to study it in depth but would like to get a taste of it and understand what it’s about, this treatment course is exactly suited to you.

We’ll reveal to you to a method that could become your future profession – alternative medicine using the Dimensions Therapy method.

In this course, you’ll be introduced to the method and on finishing this level, you can already help people – and earn money doing it!

The aim of this level is to provide you with a comprehensive theoretical and practical study of the consciousness, and how you can use subconscious processes to treat people and bring about physical changes in them even after meeting them the first time. This will bring them back to you for more treatment and will create for you a profession with a good income for the rest of your life.

Did you know?

Most of our students start treating 2 or 3 people within a month of completing the Basic course.

We’ll teach you all our most practical and useful tools to help you resolve your patients’ anxieties, traumas from the past, and other illnesses!

For anyone who is not familiar with emotional therapy and would like to get an introduction to the profession, this level is exactly for you.

The unique teaching method we use in the course is the reason why many students choose to study with us.

And the truth? Rightly so.

Because we simply take care of everything:

Incubation lessons
Incubation lessons, practical lessons, and demonstrations of the method in order to understand how to implement the material.

Internship sessions
To provide a stable basis for making a strong start, we offer internship sessions after completing the theoretical study. From here, you can go out and start treating patients.

Our closed community
You can join our community of graduates and enjoy sharing and exchanging experiences, getting new information and updates every week, and receiving full support from the college and from practicing therapists.

Start providing treatment from Day 1
You’ll be able to handle inquiries from patients of the college and start treating them immediately after graduation and certification as a therapist.

How long is the course?

The course takes place over a six-month period and comprises 72 hours of study.

How do you study?

The course includes comprehensive theoretical and practical studies. Classes take place once a week in comfortable suitable classrooms in a central location easily accessible by public transportation.

What do you study?

  • What consciousness is, how it works, what it is composed of, how subconscious information can be reached.
  • How to erase extracellular memories.
  • Extensive exploration of the 12 meridians according to Chinese medicine, subconscious processes.
  • The relationship between the material body and the consciousness, what affects it.
  • Which organs are affected by which emotion, feeling, or belief.


At the end of the training, you’ll be able to handle a wide range of cases and inquiries but also, while attending the course, you’ll have the opportunity to do this with our support.

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