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Dimensions Therapy is a purposeful, effective psycho-physical combination based on applied psychology, informational medicine, physics, and Chinese medicine, all of it in the spirit of Judaism. The method was developed in Israel by the psychotherapist Yuval Levy. In order to have a deeper understanding of how the method words, one needs to understand a number of basic concepts, mainly, what does our consciousness consist of?

Our consciousness is composed of 3 levels:

the superconscious, the conscious, and the subconscious/unconscious.

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The superconscious:

This is the higher, superior part connected to our higher consciousness. It is the omniscient part, perfect and immaculate. It is the part connected to our soul, and related to the soul’s mission here in this life and its purpose, as well as to its connections to other souls.

 The conscious:

The conscious is everything that we are conscious of at a given moment. It is considered the smallest part of our overall extensive consciousness. It is the thinking self-aware part. A normal self-aware person knows how to answer the questions: Where are you now?, Where you have been?, Where do you want to go from here?

 The subconscious:

The subconscious holds all that we are not conscious of. It is the main reservoir of our consciousness, and contains within in mental materials that have sunk down into its depths from the moment of conception until the present moment.

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The process of training therapists

The Dimensions Therapy College began its activities out of Yuval Levy’s desire to share his extensive therapeutic knowledge that has helped hundreds of patients in various fields and pathologies.

Yuval has been teaching Dimensions Therapy since 2001. First, he taught small groups but it soon gained momentum and spread to wider circles and communities.

Today, the college has hundreds of trained graduates and, every day, they treat many people seeking healing through this method.

The Dimensions Therapy College teaches about the connections between consciousness and material matter through energy channels, and integrates several areas into the method and, so far, has succeeded in achieving far-reaching results that conventional medicine sometimes cannot explain, so we believe that the treatment of consciousness is the medicine of the future.

Our therapist training program consists of 3 levels and specializations:

It’s important to mention that our students are able to start practicing giving treatments from day one, and most of them start treating patients even after completing the basic level only!

Each level is a combination of orientation, practice, and demonstration lessons. At the end of the theoretical part of the studies, internship sessions are held until our students are ready to go out and start forming healing circles and receiving patients. At the beginning of the studies, an opportunity opens up to join our alumni community of tens of therapists who graduated at different times, and to enjoy sharing and exchanging information with them, getting new information and updates every week, and full support from the college and from practicing therapists. In addition, it is possible to treat patients who have contacted the college and to start treating them even at a stage where students are not yet authorized therapists and, by doing this, we help them to gain experience and to enter
the labor market efficiently and with caution.

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Our Graduates’ Stories

גמליאל שילה - המלצות

Gamliel Shilo

Testimony of a graduate and therapist of the method

I was privileged to study under Yuval Ness Levy himself. The studies were an amazing and enriching experience. During the studies, I noticed a positive change in my attitude towards helping people.

We were exposed to other dimensions of life, to thinking outside the box of conventional medicine, hearing actual success stories of healing people with physical and mental problems.

תהילה גיאת - המלצות

Tehila Giat

Testimony of a patient of a graduate of the method

I was treated with the three-dimensional method by Tehila Giat, and it was very successfully and helped me a lot. A good friend of mine suffered from a serious problem and I just knew that he would be able to resolve it through just a few treatment sessions of the three-dimensional method. After I told him about my personal experience, he decided to try it out and even though he didn’t believe in it, it helped him and made things better for him.

גרשון ליברמן​ - המלצות

Gershon Lieberman

Testimony of a graduate and therapist of the method

Studying at the college really gave me new tools for looking at life differently than I have up until now. I highly recommend everyone to join Dimensions Therapy and discover a whole new world.

I, personally, did the first year of study and got to work with patients who really see it as having brought significant salvation to their lives, Without a doubt, I would recommend to my friends to discover this new world.

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You have questions?

These studies are suitable for anyone interested in understanding the connections between body and mind, the effect of consciousness on our lives, and getting a deep understanding of the source of our pathologies. Dimensions Therapy offers a precise practical method for getting to the root of problems on the conscious level and supplies us with practical tools for solving them with maximum, powerful, and effective accuracy.

It could be suitable for anyone wanting to have a career in the therapeutic field, to receive comprehensive knowledge and professional training up to the point of actual therapy, or for anyone interested in acquiring important practical knowledge for taking care of themselves and their environment.

Yes, the classrooms are located in the main cities, with access to bus routes and the train and, for those getting here by private car – access to nearby parking lots.


No, there is no need to have prior knowledge; all necessary knowledge will be acquired during the training at each level.

Even after completing the basic level, you can start treating a very wide range of cases. The basic level is the basis for the other levels. Almost all our graduates start giving treatment immediately after completing the basic level.

Yes, the method was checked by a number of rabbis and they approved it for study. Many of our students belong to ultra-Orthodox Torah sectors.


You can contact us and we’ll find the right therapist for you according to your place of residence and your reason for contacting us.

You can leave your details here and we’ll get back to you.

Treatment by a therapist who has been fully trained by the college and who follows the treatment protocol they have been taught not only is it not harmful, it is effective and contributes a lot to the diagnosis and healing of a variety of problems.

Dimensions Therapy does not involve physical treatment like massages, but it does require minimal contact for discharging cellular memory by tapping along the energy channels after detecting which organs have been damaged as a result of past events or by emotional or mental charges. If a patient does not wish to have physical contact in any way, it is possible to perform the discharging in other ways that do not require contact.

Yes, and this is one of the huge benefits of Dimensions Therapy because we act at the consciousness level. It’s possible to get information from the consciousness of a baby or an adult who is unable communicate at the time.

Retrieving the information is done using a simple technique that anyone can acquire and learn.

After detecting the charges in the person’s subconscious, it’s possible to treat them even without having to communicate with that person.

Of course, it is desirable that there be as much cooperation as possible on the part of the patient but, if not possible, the treatment can still be performed.

Children up to age of 6 are usually treated through the mother. The method is used to treat many problems that children have, such as nocturnal enuresis, infant constipation, breastfeeding issues, behavioral problems, and many more examples.

Dimensions Therapy does not contradict any other method, and if you have learnt another method, it’s just a blessing.

We are very different and are characterized by our ability to be accurate and to get to the root of the problem that has brought the patient to you. Another characteristic is the length of time required for treatment. Because the method is accurate and takes us directly to the root, it takes relatively little time for the patient to heal. And, another big advantage is that, in this mode of treatment, we act at the consciousness level. Without any prior knowledge, the therapist knows how to access life events that are burned into the consciousness and stored in cellular memory, and by this, to get the patient to act without him being aware of it.  This way, you can treat babies, elderly people, or patients who can’t recall past events, without having to visualize them or to even communicate with the therapist. Dimensions Therapy knows how to bring healing results in an effective, powerful, and fast way!

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